Naturally, potential clients are interested in knowing how much we charge for specific services. ┬áThe answer can vary depending on your needs and what we’ll be doing for you. The pricing below should serve as a general guideline.

Bookkeeping Services

General bookkeeping services are billed at $75 per hour. Our average client pays $75 for monthly updating, using the cash basis of accounting. We do not charge a monthly fee like many other firms. Instead, we will tailor our services to meet your business needs and budget.

Payroll Services

As a certified adviser with Patriot Software, our firm is able to offer discounted pricing for full service payroll. Rates start at just $20 per month plus $2 per employee for a single state. Additional states are $15 each per month. Timekeeper and Human Resources subscriptions can be included for an additional cost. Contractor payments and reporting are included at $2 per contractor.

Tax Preparation

Business returns start at $500 for an 1120, 1120S or 1065 filing in one state.

Married self employed individuals filing in one state start at $350.

Married filing joint filing in one state start at $225.

Compensation Studies

S-Corporation compensation studies start at $400.

Business Consulting

Our standard firm billing rate of $175 per hour.